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November 18, 2004

Falluja women, children in mass grave

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Falluja women, children in mass grave

Residents of neighbouring Saqlawiya village have told Aljazeera that they helped bury the bodies of 73 women and children who were burned beyond recognition.

“We buried them here, but we could not identify them because they were charred by the use of napalm bombs used by the Americans,” said one Saqlawiya resident in footage aired on Sunday.

US Slaughters People At Prayer In Baghdad Mosque

“They have just shot and killed at least four of the people praying,” he said in a panicked voice. “At least 10 other people are wounded now. We are on our bellies and in a very bad situation.”

Talat gave his account over short phone calls. He said he was witnessing a horrific scene.

“We were here praying and now there are 50 here with their guns on us,” he said. “They are holding our heads to the ground, and everyone is in chaos. This is the worst situation possible. They cannot see me talking to you. They are roughing up a blind man now.” He evidently could talk no further then.

“All of us were subject to intense inspection; the soldiers even examined children’s nappies. Two female doctors were forced to totally undress,” al-Muhannadi said.

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