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364 Killed, 1,500+ in Gaza as world shows complete apathy against massacre

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

364 Killed, 1,500+ Hurt in Gaza as world shows complete apathy

Five Gaza Sisters Killed in Their Beds in Israeli Attack

Nowhere to run: More than 260 children killed in Gaza

Israel flattens 3rd apartment building FILLED WITH CIVILIANS

Israeli Navy Attacks Aid Ship in International Waters

Gaza Pictures

Children among the casualties in Gaza fighting

GRAPHIC Video of Israel Defense Force’s attack on Gaza civilian market

57% of those killed by Israel in 2009 were children; 428 dead since strikes began.

UN: Stop Israeli ‘monstrosity’ in Gaza

Israel using white phosphorous! “White phosphorus is an indiscriminate killer that ignites once it is exposed to oxygen … It causes painful burn injuries to exposed human flesh.”

Shocking pictures of the Gaza conflict

Palestinian medical sources: 485 now killed in Gaza

‘People Are Being Killed in Their Homes’

More Gaza Pictures

Israeli Strike Kills 40 at U.N. run School in Gaza

42 killed at UN school

Israel strike kills up to 60 members of one family

Death toll in Gaza passes 700, including 220 children

Vatican Calls Gaza a .Big Concentration Camp.

Holocaust Denied

Red Cross finds four small children in Gaza, huddling next to their dead mothers, too weak to stand up … “Israel has failed to meet its obligation under international humanitarian law”

Gaza Children Found With Mothers. Corpses

Israel Forced Civilians Into Single House, Repeatedly Bombed It UN Details Latest Gaza Incident as Death Toll Passes 800

Israel Is Committing War Crimes (

Children found under the rubble, 1000s of families torn apart

Enough. It’s time for a boycott The best way to end the bloody occupation is to target Israel with the kind of movement that ended apartheid in South Africa

Israel ‘using white phosphorus’

Israel is using white phosphorus against innocent civilians

Israeli deputy defence minister promised a holocaust in Gaza

Gaza: Forty-five percent of the dead were women and children

Israeli Sightseers Flock to Border to Watch Gaza Killings – “They come with binoculars. They bring their families and take pictures. They rationalize away the deaths of hundreds of children …”

The video the Israeli Army didn’t want you to see

The Times Online: No room for more graves in Gaza cemeteries

Red Cross says Gaza humanitarian situation ’shocking’

Over 1,000 Killed in Gaza Strip Roughly Two-Thirds of Dead Gazans Are Civilians

Photos of some of the 300 children killed by Israel in Gaza

UN headquarters in Gaza hit by Israeli ‘white phosphorus’ shells

Over 300 children slaughtered by Israel – worse than Beslan

315 children have died in Gaza in the last 19 days

UN: Death toll in Gaza ‘unbearable’

Patients Scramble to Flee Gaza City Hospital Set Ablaze by Israeli Attack. Medics Were Trapped in Burning Hospital as Fire Trucks Struggle to Put Out Fire

Israeli ‘phosphorous shells’ incinerate 1,000s of tons of UN food as Gaza starves

Israel in Gaza increasingly seen as Rogue State by EU, Red Cross, Lancet. As of Thursday morning, the Israelis have now killed 1038 and wounded 4850 Palestinians.

SHOCKING! Israeli newspaper: .Don.t pity the Palestinians.

Killed by Israel, Eaten by Dogs -”The emergency doctor could not believe himself seeing the remains of what was days back Shahd, a full-fleshed 4-year-old Palestinian girl.”

UN says IDF shelled three hospitals yesterday, one of them twice

Phosphorus bombs in Gaza . the evidence (video – warning: contains graphic footage of war injuries)

An Israeli airstrike has killed a woman and child sheltering in a UN-run school in northern Gaza

Israeli military action in Gaza is comparable to that of German soldiers during the Holocaust, a Jewish UK lawmaker whose family suffered at the hands of the Nazis has claimed

At least 95 bodies, including those of several children, were pulled from the rubble

Israeli Attack Kills Three Daughters of Gaza Doctor / Peace Activist

Two children killed in Gaza as Israeli tank strikes United Nations school before ceasefire

A Pointless War has Led to a Moral Defeat for Israel: +1200 Palestinians Dead of which where +410 Children

Gazans Dig Bodies From Rubble
as Cease-Fire Begins

Gaza doctor who lost 3 daughters demands explanation from Barak

Gaza children shot directly on the head

1200 killed, 4500 wounded, and one day after ceasefire, EU leaders show up in Jerusalem all smiles with Olmert.

White phosphorus: “The patient came back smoking”

Palestinians: 1,300 killed, 22,000 buildings destroyed in Gaza

Gaza ‘looks like earthquake zone’

Graffiti by Israeli soldiers in Gaza: “Arabs need 2 die”, “Die you all”, “Make war not peace”, “1 is down, 999,999 to go”, and scrawled on an image of a gravestone the words: “Arabs 1948-2009″.

Amnesty Said A Fact-Finding Team Found “Indisputable Evidence Of The Widespread Use Of White Phosphorus” In Crowded Residential Areas Of Gaza City And Elsewhere In The Territory.

Gaza: ‘I watched an Israeli soldier shoot dead my two little girls’ Grieving Palestinian father says children were killed after family obeyed order from troops to leave Gaza home

Gaza Toll Passes 1,400 as More Bodies Are Recovered From Rubble

Two young girls shot dead; a third – 4 years old – shot and suffered critical spinal injuries, may never walk again. One by one, slowly. This is the Israeli army in action.

Israeli soldier shot dead my two little daughters after ordering them to leave their home .

New Evidence of Gaza Child Deaths

Leaving the industry (IT)

Monday, December 29th, 2008

I read an interesting reply by Joel Spolsky to a post on Thinking of leaving the industry (IT) by someone who is thinking about leaving software industry and going for a business degree. Joel reply can be summed up to following points:

  • great programmers are not effected by the economic downturn.
  • pay is great with starting salary of $75,000 and most earn six figures salary.
  • programmers are treated better than people from other occupation.
  • most programmers would do programming even if they don’t get paid.

I have been programming for over twenty one years and love programming. For long time, the way I distinguished between great programmers and average programmers was passion and one way to see the passion is to ask them of their side projects. Though, I agree with first and last point and second point is a stretch, but I disagree with the third point. I have worked at ten or more companies as an employee and consultant and like answer to every programming design question: “it depends,” the treatment of programmers also varies.

I have spoken on this topic earlier [ 1 , 2 , 3]. I have found most IT places to be sweatshops, for example, in most companies Taylorism rules and programmers are treated like another dumb workers and managers are responsible for whipping them to get the work done. In fact, death march projects are norm in most places, where managers think setting impossible deadline will motivate people to put a lot of hours and finish the project earlier. Given, that there isn’t any overtime compensation in our industry, there is a little problem with such mentality. Such attitude is common in not only average companies but at top companies like Microsoft and Google where you get your so called 20% time for personal projects after you spend 60+ hours on actual project. Though, computers have added convenience to our life with a 7×24 culture, the cost of such culture is being oncall, which can curtail your social life significantly. Finally, offshoring has also effected job market and though most offshore people can’t compete with local great programmers and I will take 4-5 local great programmers over 100 offshore programmers any day, but it provides a very attractive alternative against average programmers.

So, despite higher salary, I think most programmers (great) work much harder than most other professionals and it can be a stressful job when you continuously have to work with impossible deadlines. Though, during dot com boom I saw plenty of store clerks and script kiddies making six figures in IT but they are long gone. These days, you cannot survive IT industry unless you are a top notch. And if you are not then, you’d better off move to management, which is the trend I have seen in most companies. In conclusion, I agree with the last point of Joel and the only way to survive in IT is passion. For example, most of my earlier colleagues have moved up in management, yet I am spending my holidays building a new website Deal Red Hot or Not! and a new facebook app. I will continue programming until I am mentally and physically unable to do so.