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November 16, 2004

Marine Shot Dead Wounded Iraqi Prisoner

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Marine Shot Dead Wounded Iraqi Prisoner

Aid convoy barred from ‘starving’ Falluja

Some families have been without water, food and electricity for five days, according to a spokesman for the Shura Council of the Falluja Mujahidin. Abu Saad al-Dulaimi said US forces were restricting the relief groups to one area.

“We plead to the conscience of the Islamic world for help,” he said.

“There are massacres in Falluja, there are assassinations, only because the city’s people are protecting their honour and dignity.”

Asma Khamis al-Muhannadi, an assistant doctor who witnessed the US and Iraqi National Guards assault on Falluja hospital, told Aljazeera that the medical staff received threats from the Iraqi health minister who said if anyone disclosed information about the raid, they would be arrested or dismissed from their jobs.

Falluja medical staff say US
soldiers beat hospital workers

“We were tied up and beaten despite being unarmed and having only our medical instruments,” al-Muhannadi said.

“The hospital was targeted by bombs and rockets. I was with a woman in labour. The umbilical cord had not yet been cut. At that time, a US solider shouted at one of the national guards to arrest me and tie my hands while I was helping the mother to deliver. I will never forget this incident,” the assistant doctor said.

“I am from Falluja and I work there. They claimed I was a fighter and stole our money and mobile phones,” she said.

Patients targeted

“The troops dragged patients from their beds and pushed them towards the wall. There were 17 injured people among the patients,” al-Muhannadi said.

“We exited from the hospital on the second day of the attack, but we could not return as the main Falluja-Saqlawiya junction was controlled by the US troops. We saw around 150 women, children and the elderly attacked by aircraft fire,” she said.

“All of us were subject to intense inspection; the soldiers even examined children’s nappies. Two female doctors were forced to totally undress,” al-Muhannadi said.

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