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September 26, 2004

Excerpt from Rape of Women and Teenagers

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Excerpt from Rape of Women and Teenagers
The women were passing messages out saying please come and kill me because of what’s happened. And basically what happened is that those women who were arrested with young boys, children, in cases that have been recorded, the boys were sodomised, with the cameras rolling, and the worst above all of them is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking…”

Excerpt from Abuse, Torture and Rape Reported at Unlisted U.S.-run Prisons in Iraq
The list includes some actual prisons, such as Al-Salihiya Prison in Baghdad, the notorious prison in Abu Ghraib, and a prison at Camp Bucca, a Coalition-built POW camp in the southern port city of Um-Qasr. Other detention centers have been established at military bases, such as the US Military compound at Al-Dhiloeia, north of Baghdad; a US base outside Fallujah; and the Hilla military compound, a joint US-Polish base where Alomari said he has recently been informed of allegations against US and Polish personnel.

Nobody talks about it. All everyone talks about is Abu Ghraib because of the pictures,” said Alomari. “But in these other places, there’s tons of acts of torture, abuse, rape.”

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