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January 7, 2006

Exploding Star

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Exploding Star

November 22, 2005

Flash Movie of Hubble Pictures

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Flash Movie of Hubble Pictures

July 20, 2005

Miracles of Quran

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Miracles of Quran

  1. The Bible, The Qur’an and Science
  2. Miracles
  3. Findings of modern science were already in God’s word
  5. Signs of Quran
  6. Islam and Science
  7. Amazing Quran
  8. 19 in Quran
  10. Amazing Images
  11. Muslim Scientists
  12. WWIII

May 4, 2004

Tits and Bits from Matrix Trilogy Movies

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Tits and Bits from Matrix Trilogy Movies
The Matrix trilogy has been one of the best thought provoking and scifi
movie of all times. Everyone was blown off with the first movie.
The special effects and marshal arts were out of the world
and were an order of magnitude superior than anything presented previously.
Second and third movies did not prove to be commercially as successful as one.
The second and third movies were only incrementally better and many
people who did not pay attention to the backdrop of the story
were disappointed.

So, what is the real message of the trilogy and how it applies to our world.
First question raised in the first movie was “What is the matrix?”
The matrix is the world that looks real, but it’s not.
This is similar to concept of “Maya” or illusion in Hinduism.
In order to see the realy, you need to unplug from it. This applies
directly to the world we live in, where most of us would rather have taste
steak than the reality. The main premise of the movie is that human race is
turned into slaves by machines that use human as energy resource. The movie
shows how all humans are plugged into the matrix, which is very similar to
how most people live in our world. Most people are too tied up with
the matrialistic race to notice any thing else. In fact, movie shows that
some people cannot be unplugged especially after reaching certain age.

Here are some of the tit bits that I have found interesting:


The movie borrows a lot of ideas from religions such as Christianity, Buddhism
and Gnosticism. The protagonist of the movie is named Neo, with real name of
“Thomas A Anderson”, who is doubtful at beginning like “Doubting Thomas”,
but is helped by Morpheus. Morpheus plays the role of “John the Baptist”
and teaches Neo, the reality of matrix and true potential of Neo.


The movie shows how matrix is a system, where humans are plugged in and work
for the machine. It is sort of how real world where everything is inter-related
and governments use the system to control humans. The only way to be free
from the matrix system is to be awaken sort of like awakening concept in


The machines control the lives of human beings by the system of matrix, which
is like our world includes things like media, education, corporate. The movie
shows that 99% of people are docile and will believe anything, again we
see our government lie and most people believe those lies. In our world, we
have seen secret societies such as Freemasons, Illumanati, Skulls and Bones,
etc. or a few families, who supposedly have been controlling worldly affairs.

There aren’t any coincidence

The machines have very advanced AI that can predict future actions based
on chemical reaction in the brain of humans. As the Frenchman “Merovingian”
says, every action has consequences.


Every program has purpose and without the purpose, program cease to exist. This
also relates to humans as one of the fundamental question is finding purpose in
life. Without the purpose, humans are totally plugged in to the world and live
like zombies. The oracle talks about purpose as well, when she says, “we are
all here to do what we are here to do.”


There is no spoon, the movie also describes variations of realities. To
the people living in the matrix, that is their reality. People who
are supposedly free and live underground or in Zion think their world is real.
Though, truth is that machines control both world. This also reminds of
some Star Trek movie of holodeck within holodeck and in this movie, it is
matrix within matrix.


The movie also dicusses topic of fate as when Neo was asked whether you
believe in fate he replies, “no, because I don’t like the idea that I am not
in control.” The frenchman also explains that there is no fate, everything
has cause-effect relationship.


Faith and Fate go hand in hand.


Love plays very central theme in the movie, as in the second part Neo chooses to
save his love “trinity”, while refusing to return to the source, thus
jeopardizing entire human race. He also brings back trinitiy back to life with
his love. The Frenchman “Merovingian” also sees chemical response of love to
insanity. However, AI managed to create love when two programs who looked
like indians created another program in the form of their daughter. The
movie also shows that love need sacrifice as Neo sacrifices entire human
race to save Trinity or how two programs sacrifice themselves to save
their daughter.


Some programs like Merovingian like to gain power as the keymaker is one part
of gaining more power.


Choice is also very interesting topic in the movie. A choice is an illusion
created between those with power and those who don’t. The matrix architect
learns that some humans need to make a choice even if they make it unconciously.
In fact, this is the reason why machines allow certain humans to escape matrix
and live underground, despite the fact that machines built the underground
infrastructure and city. As, the architect explains in second movie that 99%
of humans accepted matrix if they were given choice, so in order to control 1%
matrix creates another form of matrix in the real world.

God, Guards and Angles

The matrix shows Architect as God of matrix who designed the matrix. The
agents were sort of like guards and angels. In the Gnostic theology, it is
Satan not God, who created the world in order to imprison humanity.
The architect also had another female partner who helped design the matrix,
though the architect didn’t say her name. Though, most likely it was Oracle
as agent “Smith” called her mom. Also, protector of Oracle’s name is
Seraph, whose name means guard.


Reality is nothing more than manipulation of senses.


Neo represents Messiah of mankind. He is not the first one, but rather sixth.
Some people suggest, first five represent first five books of Moses and
sixth represent Jesus.

Zion City

The zion city is last free city where humans are free. The zion city is
promiseland like Jerusalem.

Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is the key, you cannot see beyond the choices you don’t

Apart #

Neo’s apartment number is 101 and he dies in firs movie in room 303.

Unanswered Questions

  • Do humans really make good source of energy? It sounds like not very efficient.
  • How do Neo gets his powers?
  • How do Neo sees his future?
  • What is relationships between architect and machines? Are all machines
    have centralized control or distributed?

  • How did Neo end up at Mobil Ave?
  • How exactly Neo killed Smith and his clones in the end? Was it virus?
  • How does Neo power work in real world unless it is another matrix.
    Was Merovingian “One” in one of previous iterations of the matrix. Note that
    Merovingians were rulers of france until 7th century. Also, according to
    some theories, the wife of Jesus, Mary Madeline escaped to France, and
    her daughter “Sara” married into Merovingian family. This ties Merovingian
    with the Messiah.

Other References

  • The movie also makes references to white rabbit, dorthy, etc.
  • You don’t know someone until you fight them.
  • Original number of free human beings were 23, where 16 were female and 7 males.

April 11, 2004

The Holy Quran, 13:2-3

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The Holy Quran, 13:2-3
It is God who raised the heavens without any supports that you can see, and
is firmly established on the throne (of authority). He has subjected the
sun and the moon (to His law). Each one runs (its course) for a term
appointed. He governs all that exists. Clearly does he explain these Signs
in detail that you may believe with certainty in the meeting with your Lord.

And it is He who spread out the earth and placed on it firm mountains and
running waters, and created two sexes of every [kind of] plant. He draws
the Night as a veil over the Day. Verily, in these things there are Signs
for those who think.

February 2, 2004

Earth Like You’ve Never Seen It

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Earth Like You’ve Never Seen It

May 29, 2003

Walking with Cavemen

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Walking with Cavemen
I watched Walking with Cavemen last night. I found little new information than previous
specials about Lucy, Neanderthals and Cro-Magnans. But nevertheless, it was
interesting. Now the mind boggling question is that for a million years,
direct ancestors of cro-magnans could not improve stone-based axes, but
they (cro-magnans) made a big leap towards development of tools, arts
and language. Was there an outside intervention?

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