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February 21, 2004

A few interesting java-related articles

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A few interesting java-related articles

  1. Distributing Sun Java System Identity Server Applications Using Java Web Start
  2. Java and Security, Part 1
  3. Java and Security, Part 2
  4. More JSP best practices
  5. Add concurrent processing with message-driven beans
  6. Achieve implementation transparency for your business objects with the Business Object Factory framework
  7. Implement Flyweight to improve performance
  8. Jump the hurdles of Struts development
  9. Mix protocols transparently in Struts
  10. Strut your stuff with JSP tags
  11. UI design with Tiles and Struts
  12. Test email components in your software
  13. Follow the Chain of Responsibility
  14. Clustering with JBoss 3.0
  15. Boost Struts with XSLT and XML
  16. Why extends is evil
  17. Introducing the Portlet Specification, Part 1
  18. Introducing the Portlet Specification, Part 2
  19. Java APIs for Bioinformatics
  20. BlackMamba: A Swing Case Study
  21. Integrating Struts, Tiles, and JavaServer Faces
  22. Client quality reporting for J2EE Web services
  23. Web and Enterprise Architecture Design Patterns for J2EE, Part 1
  24. Managing Complexity: Keeping a Large Java Project on Track
  25. Using JSF
  26. Make the Java-Oracle9i connection
  27. Call JavaBean methods from JSP 2.0 pages
  28. View Web camera snapshots using a J2ME-capable phone
  29. Transparently cache XSL transformations with JAXP
  30. Jini Starter Kit 2.0 tightens Jini’s security framework
  31. Progress on the JMF and Java Media APIs
  32. A Gentle Re-Introduction to QuickTime for Java
  33. Re-Introducing QuickTime for Java, Part 2
  34. QTJ Audio
  35. A Gentle Re-Introduction to QuickTime for Java
  36. Java Media Framework Player API
  37. Readable Java 1.5
  38. Create Desktop Applications with Java-Based Web Technologies
  39. Create client-side user interfaces in HTML, Part 1
  40. Create client-side user interfaces in HTML, Part 2
  41. SearchAssist: A Portable Search Engine in Java
  42. SAAJ: No strings attached
  43. Transforming iCal Calendars with Java
  44. Nukes: the Open Source Java CMS
  45. Customize SwingWorker to improve Swing GUIs
  46. High-availability mobile applications
  47. aspect-oriented refactoring 1
  48. aspect-oriented refactoring 2
  49. Isolate server includes’ runtime context

February 15, 2004

Links to Linux and other software

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Links to Linux and other software



Top 20 softwares

February 6, 2004

ITS Links

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ITS Links


ITS Canada
Transport Canada ITS
ITS US DOT Library

PATH Database

ITS Decision
ITS Berkeley


Rural ITS

Pennsylvania State Center

DOT- ITS Program 

Bikes and Pedestrians

Center for Transportation Analysis

Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE)

ITS Benefits Database

Dynamic Traffic Assignment Project

MIT ITS Research Program

ITS Library
ITS Traveler Information
National Associations

Rural Simple Solutions

Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute Minnesota



ITS Focus website (UK)
Corvette (Austria)
ITS projects in Europe
Viking  (N-Europe)
ITS Sweden
ITS Assist (UK)


ITS Japan

Ministry Road Bureau


ITS Handbook

Traffic Management Society

Smart Cruise

Northern Road-CERI

Australia/Asia/South Africa

ITS Australia

ITS Korea
ITS Hongkong
ITS South Africa

February 3, 2004

Spike/Vertical Slice

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Most agile methodologies recommend using Vertical slice or spiking to reduce risks. It is also referred as tracer bullet by Dave Thomas, Walking Skeleton by Alistair Cockburn and thin thread by Iterative Agile Development (IAD).

What’s in the Title

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What’s in the Title
Software development profession has severe identify crisis. From, very start its process were borrowed from other engineering principles, primarily Civil Engineering or Manufacturing. People compared building software development to construction and came up with the waterwall based processes. Educational institutes started programs for Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Information System, but what the hell that exactly means.

There is no minimum boundar to software development field, there is no professional certification to enter this field. Unlike other fields, you don’t need degree to enter this field. Similarly, titles in this field have been a great source of confusion. What is difference between Programmer, Developer or Software Engineer. Yeah some people consider Developer to be generalist and Programmer to be specialists, and Software Engineer sound like we are doing real engineering but it means little to most people. Similarly, senior titles are equally meaningless, most companies don’t understand difference between Senior Software Engineer or Developer, System Analysts or lately they have been calling Architect. Many other people have expressed similar views and have introduced other titles like Craftman, Hacker, or Gardner.

Writing software matches closely with art, so it is very hard to define, develop or track. Though, some aspects for software development can engineered, and there are tons of methodologies that keep trying it. Nevertheless, most productive environments have very little process and methodologies

February 2, 2004

Earth Like You’ve Never Seen It

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Earth Like You’ve Never Seen It

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