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October 24, 2004

A couple of papers on Aspected Oriented Programming

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A couple of papers on Aspected Oriented Programming


Most software systems consist of several concerns that crosscut multiple modules. Object-oriented techniques for implementing such concerns result in systems that are invasive to implement, tough to understand, and difficult to evolve. The new aspect-oriented programming (AOP) methodology facilitates modularization of crosscutting concerns. Using AOP, you can create implementations that are easier to design, understand, and maintain. Further, AOP promises higher productivity, improved quality, and better ability to implement newer features.

I want my AOP
AJDT Tutorial
articles, tutorials, and advice about using and writing AspectJ pr
Improve modularity with aspect-oriented programming
Contract enforcement with AOP
AOP banishes the tight-coupling blues
“Use AOP to maintain legacy Java applications
Adrian’s blog
Introduction to AOP 1/2
Introduction to AOP 2/2

verifying AOP

AOP Pattern Testing

JDBC Rowset


EJB Shortcomings
AOP Filter

October 16, 2004

What is right methodology?

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What is right methodology?
Since beginning, software development was compared with manufacturing and construction, so early methodologies were largely influenced by them. They separated analysis and construction and came up with waterfall, or spiral methodologies. Finally, people are realizing is that the only construction in software development is compiling the source code and it’s all about design. Nevertheless, now there are tons of agile methodologies and new one coming every year. Sure there is a lot of commonality like lean development with emphasis on working software, short iteration, testing, etc. But, most of them are prescritive. Here, the thing, most companies have very unique business model and working environment, so one size does not fit. I do find Crystal family tries to come up with methodology based on company or team makeup. Again, most productive environment have smart people and little or no methodologies.

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