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May 15, 2006

Is Google Evil?

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Is Google Evil?
Since its start back in 1998, Google tried to be anti Microsoft and claimed to follow “Don’t be evil”. But as in Orson Welles’s character in Citizen Kane, it’s looking like Google is following Microsoft pursuit after all. Over the years, Google has used PageRank algorithm to censor some sites especially in China, where Chinese government controls access to pages about human rights.
Another source of controversy has been 2038 expiration date that Google uses in its cookie, which could provide a security risk to millions of users. Another risk with giant companies like Google is killing innovation especially in search and ad market where the hegemony of a giant company practically turns into monoply.

Though, most of Google’s profit comes from ads, but it has its eye on the desktop for a while. With its Google Toolbar and Desktop Search, it has complete access on what users are searching and on information stored on the computer. In fact, new version of tool bar uses AutoLink feature to add links to other sites similar to SmartTags features of Microsoft. With GMail and calendar it can read your emails and your schedule. Who knows how Google plans to use all this information. Though, Google has been resisting providing access to the users data to the Government, but it can certainly change in future.

Updated Don’t be fucking evil: Google hands over anonymous Blogger user’s IP address to Israeli court

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