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March 24, 2006

Scripting Flame war

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There is a heating debates going on between scripting languages such as Python and Ruby against corporate friendly languages like Java and C#.
First, Gostling Claimed on JDJ that scripting languages are very simple and limited their use for simple
web pages. Then he derided scripting languages for lack of performance on Artima’s weblog.
Another flaming post by James McGovern suggested that Ruby is train reck waiting for happen.
Gosling tried to clarify in his blog, but it does not help much. He still tries to corner
scripting languages into domain specific. Despite the performance issues with the scripting languages like Ruby, Python, PHP, and Scheme, they are gaining popularity due to simplification and programmer productivity.
As hardware has been becoming more and more powerful, the performance issues would become less important. There are also plans for Java like VMs in Ruby, which can make it more acceptable to corporate world.
There has been growing trend in solutions that are open source and easier to develop, and many corporations resist for the fear of loosing market. The time is right for scripting languages and I hope languages like
Ruby, Python, Haskell, Scala, Smalltalk or Lisp variants become more acceptable in most places.

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