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March 6, 2013

Tour of iOS game – ‘Passion Investment Portfolio’

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I recently finished an iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) game called “Passion Investment Portfolio”, which provides a virtual stock trading for learning purpose. A unique feature of this application is that it chooses stocks for you based on your lifestyle. When you join this game, you receive $10,000 virtual cash money and then you are asked to add your life passions, interests, hobbies, products you like, stores where you shop, etc. The Passion Investment Portfolio game then finds companies that match your passions. It keeps updating those companies on daily basis and gives away free stocks from your matching companies. You can watch which companies grow with time and customize your favorite companies. The Passion Investment Portfolio game also provides analysts ratings, charts, fundamental data and news for your companies. Here is a short tour of the app:

Adding your passions

On iPhone/iPod touch, you can just select ‘My Passions’ from the menu, then choose category of passion. You can add new passions by touching (+) icon. You can also edit your existing passions by touching them and rewriting your passions. If you need to delete any passion, then select Edit option and touch (-) button.

On iPad, you can see categories and list of passions on the same screen but the process of adding or removing passions is same as iPhone, e.g.

Your portfolio

When you initially join “Passion Investment Portfolio”, you don’t have any existing stocks, but as you play the game, you will see how your portoflio grows over time, e.g.

Your Passion Companies

You can view your passion companies by selecting “My Passion Quotes” from the menu. You will be able to see all companies next to each passion along with delayed quotes. Also, you will be able to see thumbs up sign if the analysts rating is buy and thumbs down sign if analysts rating is sell.

Your Stocks

You can view all the stocks you own by selecting “My Stocks” from the menu. You will also see latest quotes for those companies and gain/loss for your stocks based on market prices. If you choose to dump the stocks, then just touch “Sell” button.

Your Capital Gains/Loss

When you sell stocks, the difference between initial purchase and final sell price is calculated and is recorded as your capital gain/loss. You can view history of all your capital gains by selecting “My Capital Gains”:

Orders History

When you buy or sell stocks or the game buys stocks for free giveaways, an order is created. You can browse past orders by selecting “My Orders”.

Quote Lookup

You can lookup any stock by symbol, name or description using “Quote Lookup” option. You can view delayed quotes, fundamental data, analysts rating and news.

Badges and Leaderboard

The “Passion Investment Portfolio” game gives away badges based on performance of your portfolio and top users are listed on the leaderboard.

Help and Feedback

The “Passion Investment Portfolio” also comes with help tips and a quick way to send any feedback, suggestions and comments.


You can also watch at for iPhone and for iPad respectively.


You can download the app from Apple Appstore. Here are a few promotion codes that you can use to try the game (first come first serve):



Follow the app at!/passionportfol.

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