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March 21, 2005

Bohrbug Vs Heisenbug

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Bohrbug Vs Heisenbug
Bohrbug (Niel Bohr) – retrying will result in the same error.

Heisenbug (Werner Karl Heisenberg) – retrying may or may not result in the same error

  1. Omission Failure: abscence of response
  2. Timing Failure: system does not provide result within the specified timeframe (early timing failure/late timing failure)
  3. Response Failure – system provides incorrect value
  4. Crash Failure – no further responses until reboot

Principles of design

  1. Modularity
  2. Fail fast / heartbeat
  3. Independent failure modes
  4. Redundancy/repair – hot swapping
  5. Elimination of single point of failure – redundancy

Pair/Spare approach — provide two instances of critical resources and ability to swap one out.

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