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December 31, 2004

Mixin Inheritance PDF

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Mixin Inheritance PDF

  Class parametrized by a superclass
  A mixin applied to a class return a class with
 mixed-in behavior
  Reuse functionality orthogonal to inheritance
  Implementation: based on single inheritance
 Mixin inheritance
  Mixin inheritance is an approach that avoids many
 of these multiple inheritance problems
  Mixins are combined by using the regular single
 inheritance operation
  Mixins are always applied one after the other
  Super is late bound!
  This is only at composition time that super will
 identify the right class.
  A mixin can be mixed in several classes
  Super refers to different classes!
  Similar to call-next-method (CLOS, Dylan)
 Mixin Inheritance Limits
  Implicit conflict resolution
  Surprising behavior
  Composite entity is not in full control
  Dispersal of glue code
  Fragile hierarchies
 Groups of methods
  Within single inheritance
  Supporting construction of class based on building bricks
 How are Traits Used?
  Traits are the behavioral building blocks of classes
  Class = Superclass + State + Traits + Glue methods

Mixin: Multiple Inheritance in Java

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