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June 21, 2007

Ten Commands for Configuration

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  1. A service should use convention over configuration so there should be minimal configuratios required.
  2. A configuration name should be descriptive and should include service name if it is required.
  3. A configuration should support aggregation of properties from different sources. For example, you may be combining some configuration properties from multiple files.
  4. A configuration should support property overrides, either using embedded property files. external property files or runtime arguments.
  5. A configuration should support hierarchical properties.
  6. A configuration should be reloadable either using file touch or database refresh.
  7. The service should provide a way to dump the configurations it is using.
  8. The configuration files should support symbols that can be provided by the runtime environment. For example, in certain cases, you may need to define similar configurations for different environments such as database name for US is US_myapp and for Canada, it is CA_myapp.
  9. A service container should independently load each service and all dependent configurations so that they are managed indpendently.
  10. The configuration system should support annotations based properties if supported by underlying language.

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